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The "Pennies for Puppy Mill Dogs Project" is about a simple idea on how to raise funds for puppy mill dogs. The funds donated are used to pay for vet bills from dogs out of puppy mills now living at a rescue. The funds are collected by locating change collection containers various business in my area.

title Ernie - Healthy and Happy - Thanks to Mary Stickney's Rescue

DONATE TODAY: There is always a shortage of funding which directly impacts our ability to rescue animals. Please consider donating towards our endless expenses including vet and food bills. Please consider signing up for a monthly donation or sponsoring an animal. Every donation goes toward our rescue efforts!  Donations can also be sent to Stickneys Toy Breed Rescue and Retirement Sanctuary, 5675 SW 42nd Rd, Cortland, Ne 68331 or thru PayPal at

Christmas shop Amazon online and we get a donation at no extra charge to you.



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